The forest calls

Living in the heart of nature

Experience the homely atmosphere in the Tyrolean Chalet Village or on the traditional Fane Alm itself. Surrounded by endless peace and quiet you have the time to concentrate on the essentials. Restore your energy at the private wellness centre and experience the freedom of the mountains. We look forward to meeting you!

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Discover culture in South Tyrol

A region with an exciting past

Everywhere in South Tyrol you find traces of Italian and German influences. Tyrolean dumplings and Italian gnocchi - in its cuisine alone the region brings together the best ingredients from both cultures. The numerous castles, monasteries and churches, which adorn the surrounding area, give glimpses into the many facets of the history of South Tyrol. In a variety of exciting ways, the local museums shed light on the details of the natural world, the art and the history of South Tyrol. Take a tour to discover more about the culture of South Tyrol.

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