Dewdrops dream of winter

It's as if someone has spilt liquid gold high up in the kingdom of heaven. If you've ever been out at the edge of the forest at dawn, you'll know what we mean. Right at this moment, when the sun sends its rays through the trees, something miraculous happens. Some people up here in the Valler Valley say that in this brief moment the forest can talk, the pebbles in the stream begin to sing and every single drop of dew comes to life. And indeed! Down there, right next to your left toe, on that daisy leaf, something is stirring! Just come closer! Maybe the tiny dewdrop has something to tell you.


A Christmas story from the Valsegg

"Hello, little human! How nice to make your acquaintance. My name is Dewdrop, I'm a water creature and I'm quite sad today, you must know. Mrs Fox was talking about winter again last night. She said that in winter all the forest green and meadow colours would give way to a glittering white. She also said that we dew pearls and water droplets would be transformed. We would then have a beautiful dress on, we would float like stars from the firmament and wrap the forest and meadow, people and animals in a thick, soft blanket."

When dewdrops shed a tear, you can hardly see it. Because like a dewdrop itself, the dewdrop tear is made of water. But believe me, little human, the little drop down there on the daisy leaf is crying bitterly. Never, never before in its dewdrop life had it been allowed to turn into a snowflake and turn a winter white with thousands of other dewdrops. Come, take it gently on your fingertip and carry it a little way. It's not far to the Valler Bach stream. Just a few steps. And now: set it free, your little dewdrop, send it on a great journey. Can you see? It will already become one with the stream and tumble and tumble and bubble away. And who knows, when you come back, maybe you'll see each other again.

In the time between the shimmering summer days and the first heralds of autumn, your dewdrop travels around the world. The Valler Bach becomes the Rienz, the Rienz becomes the Eisack and the Eisack becomes the Etsch. And the Etsch, as you probably know, flows into the sea. And what our dewdrop saw there, what it felt, is a story all of its own and will be told another time. Soon it was time to rise up into the sky and travel with the wind as a cloud, into the furthest distance, once around the earth.

Christmas has arrived here in Valsegg. You can already smell it, the snow. If only you were here now and could reach out your hand into the clear, cold winter air. Then a small snowflake would land gently and quietly on your skin, beautiful and magical. And you would know: This is your little dewdrop that dared to dream. Will you do the same?


The greatest wonders reveal themselves in small things. We love to linger and take a closer look. The world around our holiday chalets in Alto Adige is full of wondrous tales and we are only too happy to share them with you.


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