On safari in South Tyrol

Have you got everything, including the binoculars? Then you're ready to go! Listen, the forest is already waking up. Close your eyes for a moment. How many bird calls can you hear? There's the blue tit with its lovely melodies and the chaffinch with its lively song. And the song thrush is living up to its name again today. Let's go a little deeper into the forest, maybe we'll hear a cuckoo. Ha, can you hear that? Over there, a woodpecker is making a fuss. Now in summer, his drumming and hammering means something: He's hungry and is hoping for a few fat grubs or crunchy beetles behind the tree bark.

Quietly now, they are very close!

Come on, let's stalk them a little more. Quietly now, we don't want to scare them off. Just a few more metres and then we'll lie in wait. It's a lovely spot, isn't it? The soft moss, the deep green ferns and how magically the dewdrops glisten on the meadow. Do you remember the story we told you last winter? Oh, look! There they are, see? That's really rare! A doe with two young. They're called fawns, did you know that? They must be a good month old now. Mrs Deer will soon be celebrating her wedding again... Watch out, you little foxes! Mother Nature has come up with a little trick for the Deer family: Even if the ovum is fertilised in summer, it doesn't start to divide until New Year. This means that the next fawn is not born until next May or June. Amazing, isn't it? Speaking of foxes: shall we go on?

What's that strong smell?

Let's walk a few steps again. In Japan, people say that a morning walk in the forest keeps you young and fresh. The forest air is always good for you. Take a deep breath. And breathe out again. Turning up your nose? Then Mr Fox's house is not far away. Foxes like their homes to smell good. It's true that urine perfume is a challenge for human noses. Look, there's a little tuft of fur here, maybe it's the remains of last night's dinner. Did you know that foxes also like berries? No wonder we couldn't find any berries yesterday. Good thing we grow them in the garden. Otherwise you'd be standing in front of empty shelves in the farm shop. What do you mean, you're hungry? Then let's turn back! When we get back, your breakfast table will already be set in the chalet. And if you like, we'll meet up again tomorrow just before sunrise, maybe we'll catch a glimpse of the funny squirrels, the cheeky badger or the rare lurcher!


The greatest wonders reveal themselves in small things. We love to linger and take a closer look. The world around our holiday chalets in Alto Adige is full of wondrous tales and we are only too happy to share them with you.


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