The magic of the morning
5 good reasons to become an early riser.

Our motto is: Keep calm! Because when, if not on holiday, is it time to let your soul dangle, relax and sleep in. We would like you to treat yourselves to an extra night's sleep with us. But the fact is that a morning in the solitude of the forest is something very special. Some even say it is magical. That's why we urge you to set the alarm clock for at least one of your holidays and get up early. Experiences that touch all your senses await you:


Just a moment ago it was very quiet in the forest. But as soon as the darkness of the night gives way to twilight, a unique concert begins. The redstart starts its song particularly early. It begins to sing a full 80 minutes before sunrise. Soon after, the robin and song thrush join in, followed by the blackbird, finch and titmouse. And when the first rays of sunlight penetrate the forest, the house martin also enchants with its chirping. It is almost like a kind of meditation: close your eyes and concentrate fully on the bird concert. Maybe you can even hear individual singers?

Look, how beautiful!

A sunrise in the mountains. Need we say more? When the shadows give way to light and the mountains are bathed in pure sunshine, it can happen that one or two tears of joy start to form. Why exactly the awakening day and its play of light on rock faces and peaks is such a highly emotional affair, we can't explain either. But that's exactly the point: we don't always have to understand everything. Simply marvelling and feeling - these are moments that will stay in your memory forever.

Do you feel that too?

Admittedly, it takes a little effort to get out of bed in the dark and take the first steps of the day barefoot. But you will soon feel how much such a little walk will ground you. In the truest sense of the word. Feel the cool earth, the dewy blades of grass, the rough forest floor. Your foot reflex zones are rarely massaged in such a simple and beautiful way. And when the first rays of sun kiss the tip of your nose, there is no stopping the feelings of happiness.

Have a sniff!

It has its own name and it has earned it: when it rains in summer, it smells simply unique. "Petrichor" is the name of this fragrance. On a summer morning here in South Tyrol there is much more to sniff out: the first elderflowers of the year. The lush green forest moss. And the epitome of freshness that the pleasantly cool morning wind carries with it. And now: take a deep breath. And slowly out again. Delightful, isn't it?

How good it tastes!

Eggs from really happy hens. Fresh coffee. Warm farmhouse bread. Hardly anything lures morning grouches out of bed as reliably as our mountain farmer's breakfast. You don't have to lift a finger. Because while you're still in dreamland, our good fairies will discreetly and quietly sneak into your chalet and lovingly lay your breakfast table. If that's not a reason to get up a little earlier?



The greatest wonders reveal themselves in small things. We love to linger and take a closer look. The world around our holiday chalets in Alto Adige is full of wondrous tales and we are only too happy to share them with you.


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