Time to clean up!

In spring, we give nature a helping hand. To ensure that everything in our forest grows and thrives as it should, we spend a lot of time in March and April with saw, axe, wheelbarrow and shovel. It's exhausting but wonderful work!


Spring cleaning

Every year we take it upon ourselves, and yet year after year we forget: we want to measure Gregor's biceps. Once before and once after spring cleaning in the forest. Because we could swear - forest work makes the muscle mass grow. This year it was like that again: Spring suddenly arrived and Grandpa Sepp decided one morning: "Now is the time. The forest needs us". It wouldn't be that we, as true timber farmers, wouldn't spend a lot of time in the pine green anyway, but in the spring weeks there are days when we stand among trees, branches, bushes from sunrise to sunset and do our best in the sweat of our brow to keep the forest healthy. Because there is one thing you have to know: a forest like this needs care. Thankfully, we were able to get rid of the dreaded bark beetle in autumn. Now we have to clean up and deal with the so-called snow pressure. Snow pressure is the term used to describe damage caused by wet, heavy snow, such as bent tree tops or broken branches. Thankfully, we have been spared windthrow this winter, which is another nightmare for all forest owners.

Your tree in the Valsegg forest

Whether it's windthrow, snow pressure or a deliberately felled tree: the wood not only has to be taken out of the forest, but then also sensibly processed. How good that we have several possibilities here in Valsegg: One part is used to make firewood for the fireplaces in our forest chalets, another part we turn into wood chips for our heating system ourselves. This keeps you warm on cool days in a sustainable and resource-saving way. Grandpa Sepp has mastered a special art. He makes fences for our cattle pastures from pole wood. If you ask him nicely, he'll show you how it's done. But if you really want to please our senior boss, then give him a hand with the reforestation. He has already ordered the young trees for the summer of 2023, now he just needs your help. And that's how it works: Sign up for the weekly tree planting programme, choose your favourite tree and off you go into the forest. And next year, when you come to Valsegg again, your holiday tree will certainly have grown quite a bit.



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