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Sometimes in life you make a decision and the next moment you're a little taken aback by your own daring. But as the saying goes? The world belongs to the brave, and nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is exactly what happened to us some time ago when we decided to add a restaurant to our little chalet village on the edge of the forest. We didn't want it to be just any restaurant, but a real, small gourmet temple for people who like South Tyrolean cuisine and appreciate creative borrowings from all kinds of pots and pans. As you can imagine, we received a few sceptical looks when we told them about our plans. A gourmet restaurant in the forest, will it work? And how it works! In the last few months, our Eggile has gained an excellent reputation far beyond the borders of the Valler Valley. And that, in turn, is largely thanks to three very special men: we introduce you here to our two heroes at the cooker and the guardian of vinological treasures. Allow me. Michael, Matthäus and Max in a short interview!


Michael and Matthäus, you are both professional chefs. Max, you are a sommelier. How did you get into these professions in the first place?

Matthäus: I grew up in the hospitality industry and have now been in the kitchen myself for 12 years.

Michael: My grandmother sparked my interest in cooking, I enjoyed being in her kitchen as a child and helping out. I have been a chef for 36 years.

Max: I just like being around people and I like the world of wine. There is always something new to discover. I find that exciting. For 25 years!

Matthäus, Michael you stand together in the Eggile kitchen, how would you describe your plate language?

Michael: I prefer it simple...

Matthäus: And I'm more of a creative person!

What can guests at Eggile particularly look forward to?

Matthäus: There are many things! We stand for modern forest cuisine, excellent cross-over dishes, products from our own farm and of course the outstanding wine selection of our sommelier.

Max, that's your cue! Who has the better wines: South Tyrol or the rest of the world?

Max: That's a trick question, isn't it? Joking aside, I am a big fan of South Tyrolean wines. Of course, there are also international treasures slumbering in our wine cellar.

Let's stay on the subject of South Tyrol. What influence do traditional dishes or ingredients have on your creations?

Michael: Wherever possible, we use products from Valsegg agriculture or make use of the excellent food from the region. I think you can taste that.

Matthäus: I find the mix of Alpine and Mediterranean very exciting. In the area of tension between down-to-earthness and lightness, there is a lot of room for enjoyment.

In this sense: Here's to you! Thank you for your time and the insight into the Eggile kitchen!

You can read more about our culinary concept at Valsegg here and visit the Eggile restaurant online here.



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