The forest calls

Living in the heart of nature

Experience the homely atmosphere in the Tyrolean Chalet Village or on the traditional Fane Alm itself. Surrounded by endless peace and quiet you have the time to concentrate on the essentials. Restore your energy at the private wellness centre and experience the freedom of the mountains. We look forward to meeting you!

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A winter full of movement

Enjoy activities in the snow-covered wonderland

On with your boots, jacket and cap and off you go to seek frosty adventure. The Tyrolean Chalet Village Valsegg is situated in an ideal location for practicing the widest possible variety of winter sports. Go downhill skiing, put on snow-shoes and hike through the Valles valley, enjoy the peace and quiet of cross-country skiing or take an exciting ski tour. The possibilities for exploring the varied village of Valles in winter know no bounds.

Snow-shoe hiking in the Valles valley

With crunching steps to your destination

With snow-shoes on your feet it is suddenly quite easy to hike across the deep layers of snow. Everything is enveloped in the white robe - trees, houses and even entire mountains. Only the tracks betray that this is also the home of numerous animals.

Cross-country skiing in the Valles valley

Gliding through silent nature

Early in the morning, when the mist still hangs thick in the valley and the dawn gradually brings a new day, we set off on a cross-country ski tour. Your feet glide onwards as if self-propelled in a rhythmic movement. For the moment, you feel ...

Gitschberg Jochtal ski region

A must for every skier

Climb aboard the ski lift full of anticipation and immediately start to decide which slope to attempt next. Once at the top, the decision becomes spontaneous. Crouch close into the curves and just enjoy the sport.

Gitschberg Jochtal ski region

A place where variety promises winter fun

Forge exciting plans for the coming day over a generous breakfast in the chalet. The ski region opens up an endless range of possibilities, which it is worthwhile to enjoy during your holiday in South Tyrol.

What your heart desires

Alpine nature experience - a balance between action and regeneration


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