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Experience the homely atmosphere in the Tyrolean Chalet Village or on the traditional Fane Alm itself. Surrounded by endless peace and quiet you have the time to concentrate on the essentials. Restore your energy at the private wellness centre and experience the freedom of the mountains. We look forward to meeting you!

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Create a haven

Offering guests something special

From the very beginning, it was our wish to create a special place for complete relaxation. The unique location on the edge of the forest is a considerable factor in allowing us to reach this high standard with the Südtirol Chalets Valsegg. The cordial, friendly service, and the many and varied offers complete the feeling of comfort at this resort.
Because lots of hard-working hands can do the work more quickly and more carefully than one person alone.
The whole Lenz family puts all their energies into ensuring that the guests in our Tyrolean Chalet Village feel well looked after day-in-day-out. While Magdalena und Gregor manage the chalets, their children Felix, Jana and Marie let off steam in the play area. Grandma Paula busies herself in making our jams and syrups, and Granpa Seppl undertakes a variety of tasks around the chalet village, such as feeding the animals and chopping the wood.

Our family is supplemented by three more hard-working assistants. Whether with powerful massages or stylish manicures, Monika knows how to make our guests feel good, and Silvia also knows how to spoil you. In the early hours of the morning our breakfast sprite is on the move around the chalet village. Our secretary, Helene is responsible for all the incidental tasks and telephone calls. And finally there is Andrea, who together with her team puts her whole commitment into keeping all the chalets shipshape.

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