The forest calls

Living in the heart of nature

Experience the homely atmosphere in the Tyrolean Chalet Village or on the traditional Fane Alm itself. Surrounded by endless peace and quiet you have the time to concentrate on the essentials. Restore your energy at the private wellness centre and experience the freedom of the mountains. We look forward to meeting you!

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Back to nature

Rediscovering ancient handcrafts

Contented animals, which are lovingly cared for. Traditional handcrafts, which are still practised. Our own farm produce, which are produced according to recipes handed down through the generations. With us, interested guests can experience at first hand traditional life on the farm, as it once was in South Tyrol.
For the love of farming, as it was practised in our grandparents' time.
As is proper for a real farm, many animals live with us on the Valsegg farm. Curious hares lope along among clucking hens in our little zoo. Our ponies, donkeys, pigs and goats live in the comfortable small animal barn. You and your children are welcome to feed and stroke them. While they play, our small guests learn how to deal with foodstuffs intelligently. They can leap about to their heart's content in the hay in our barn.

We mow the surrounding alpine meadows in the traditional way with a scythe and produce our own farm products from the plants and berries in our farm garden. The water we use comes directly from the clear mountain spring, the fine herbs from the garden we ourselves designed. You are welcome to help yourself at will. There is regularly someone hard at work in our woodwork studio. Drop in when you feel like it and discover the traditional handcrafts. Return to our roots and enjoy the simplicity,

What your heart desires

Alpine nature experience - a balance between action and regeneration


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