Of happy chickens and the delicious taste of tradition

Some might say we’re old-fashioned. But nature is something we love. Just like our four-legged charges. On our small farm in Valsegg, the chickens are free to scratch and peck and cluck as they please and the cows are free to graze all year round. Our goats, pigs, ponies and donkeys can enjoy sunshine on their bellies and are always delighted when you come to visit. And then there are our fish, which are completely in their element in the crystal-clear water of our mountain spring. Every creature on our farm deserves the utmost respect. Our responsibility. Our love. If you like, feel free to join us and take a look over our shoulder. Immerse yourself in farming tradition. Learn how our farm produce is made.

A farm chalet in the best sense

When the spring sun kisses the last of the snow, our fingers start to itch. Our farm garden is calling! A multitude of herbs, vegetables and fruits thrive here. Grandma Paula remembers them, the good old recipes. We serve the fruits of our farm in our Restaurant Eggile and you can buy some mouth-watering gifts in our Farm Shop to take home to your family and friends. Our farm products also include meat, eggs and fish. We always strive for respectful animal husbandry and respect for life. And you can taste it in every bite.

The forest and us

It is a good, old tradition – our farm has always had the forest. It is a place of refuge, our haven of peace. And the source of a valuable substance that keeps growing back. The firs, larches and spruces of our forest supply the wood for our farm chalets, provide crackling warmth in your fireplace on cool evenings and are what drive our own wood chip plant. Who does all this make particularly happy? Grandpa Seppl! He is our woodworking expert and likes nothing more than to take you into the forest or share his knowledge of woodcarving with you in his workshop.


The greatest wonders reveal themselves in small things. We love to linger and take a closer look. The world around our holiday chalets in Alto Adige is full of wondrous tales and we are only too happy to share them with you.


Honest. Unvarnished. And full of real experiences. Read what other guests have to say about Valsegg here.

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