Farm garden delight made by hand for your home.

What does happiness taste like?

Like hand-picked berries and forest honey. Of freshly pressed apple juice and sun-dried herbs from the farm garden. Each of our homemade products contains the love of nature. The power of the mountain sun. All the good taste of South Tyrol. Discover our full range and help yourself. Inside our “Genussecke” farm shop you will find carefully selected local produce from our own farm, delectable souvenirs, useful items, beautiful things and culinary treats that taste just like a Valsegg holiday feels – simply marvellous.

Homemade farmhouse jams, syrups, apple juice and much more

What would you like? Crispy “Schüttelbrot” shaker bread or handmade chocolate? Homemade farmhouse jam, syrups or juices? Fine cosmetics from Alpine nature? Or maybe something a little stronger? Our “Genussecke” farm shop is open daily


The greatest wonders reveal themselves in small things. We love to linger and take a closer look. The world around our holiday chalets in Alto Adige is full of wondrous tales and we are only too happy to share them with you.


Honest. Unvarnished. And full of real experiences. Read what other guests have to say about Valsegg here.

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