The forest calls

Living in the heart of nature

Experience the homely atmosphere in the Tyrolean Chalet Village or on the traditional Fane Alm itself. Surrounded by endless peace and quiet you have the time to concentrate on the essentials. Restore your energy at the private wellness centre and experience the freedom of the mountains. We look forward to meeting you!

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A reflection of the mountain world

Fresh coolness on hot summer days

Dip your toes carefully into the clear water, gradually immerse your feet and finally feel the wonderful coolness on your whole body. The source of the spring water lies deep in the interior of the imposing mountain world. This freshness revitalises body, mind and soul.
A natural bathing pool with its own fascinating plant and animal life.
To find peace it is often helpful to go to lovely places and take in their beauty with all your being. The bank of our experience pool is just such a magical place. Spend a pleasant time with your partner or your whole family chatting, sunbathing and picnicking.

The many species of wildlife in and around the pond will awaken the spirit of discovery in our small guests. Playing catch-as-catch-can and silent hide-and-seek in the dense forest transforms nature into a place to let off steam. Enjoy the fresh mountain air of South Tyrol, the murmuring of the Valles stream and the sun-drenched days of your holiday to their full extent.

Around the Tyrolean Chalet Village

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