Bathe in the forest air. Be washed by pure mountain water.

Linker Ast

Your wisdom gives us peace. Your quietude is our strength. Dear forest, how good you are. Wash us with all of your waters. Wash away our everyday troubles.

Give us what we thought we had lost. Fill us with what we have longed for.

Rechter Ast

Wellness and Forest spa in Valles

Wellness in the forest

We always knew it. The forest is a place of minor miracles. For your body. Your soul. Science proves us right. The beneficial effects of green trees, clean air and many other things have been studied, described and proven many times. There is a place right behind our wellness chalets in Valles, South Tyrol where the boundaries between facts and ancient magic become blurred. Believe it. Or don’t. The forest has an effect. Always.

The Valsegg Forest spa
It has been a place of contemplation for many cultures. A place of purification for body and soul: The pool house. Immersed in the tranquillity of the forest, we have built our Forest spa. Inspired by the knowledge of our ancestors, we bring the elements together: Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Take a dip in the infinity pool. Allow the forest to work its magic on you. Warm yourself in our sauna and breathe in air that couldn’t be purer.

Movement and treatments
Only the here and now counts. Allow yourselves to be fully caught up in this moment. Our movement experts, masseurs and therapists will show you how this can be achieved easily. Through gentle, activating movement, soothing Alpine Wellness treatments and therapeutic applications. Find out what does you good. There are many different things on offer at the Forest spa and the weekly programme is wonderfully relaxing.

Wellness in the chalet

A deep massage. A bathing ritual that will leave you weightless. From the comfort of your own private wellness chalet, carefully curated treatments and therapies come straight to your own four walls.

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The Forest spa

Surrounded by greenery. Full of relaxing surprises: Our Forest spa is a haven of pure relaxation. Delight in our infinity pool, a spacious exercise room with panoramic views, Kneipp path, sun terrace with sunbathing islands and much more to get you back into harmony.

Massages and treatments

The peaceful atmosphere of our Forest spa is an inviting place. For moments that belong only to you. Enjoy exclusive beauty treatments, wonderful massages and carefully selected therapeutic treatments for body and soul at the hands of our spa team. Wonderful wellness in the woods, indeed.

Natural bathing lake

Rays of sunlight gently kissing your skin. Delicate reeds gently swaying in the breeze. Crystal-clear ripples glittering with promise. Be daring and jump in! Our swimming pond is a place where life is in full flow.

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The greatest wonders reveal themselves in small things. We love to linger and take a closer look. The world around our holiday chalets in Alto Adige is full of wondrous tales and we are only too happy to share them with you.


Honest. Unvarnished. And full of real experiences. Read what other guests have to say about Valsegg here.

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