Water march! Refreshing highlights in Valsegg

Dip your little toe in or jump in headfirst? Take a leisurely swim or have a water fight in the best pirate style? In and around our chalet village of Valsegg there are countless refreshing opportunities for swimming, diving and cooling off. We have summarised our top 5 for you.


Ready to go? Then let the water flow!

In the footsteps of Father Kneipp

Washed with all waters? That was Father Sebastian Kneipp in the truest sense of the word. Through his work, the ancient tradition of "hydrotherapy" experienced a true renaissance. To this day, "Kneipp" is an extremely popular way to refresh yourself without ruining your make-up and hairstyle. But all joking aside: one or two rounds on our Kneipp path in Valsegg is a refreshing experience for all senses. Heavy legs become light again in the blink of an eye and your head is completely free!

The infinity pool in the Waldesgrün

It is a temple of contemplation, a place of peaceful happiness: our forest pool. Its centrepiece is undoubtedly the 18 by 7 metre infinity pool. On hot summer days, there is hardly anything more relaxing than swimming in the turquoise water of the natural stone pool. The nearby forest provides cooling shade and wonderfully fresh air.

On the way along the Valler Bach

High up at 3,135 metres above sea level is the source of the Valler (or Valser) stream. For 18 kilometres it meanders through the Valler Valley until it flows into the Rienz at Mühlbach. Along its journey, the Valler Bach enchants with its constantly changing face: sometimes wildly thundering as a waterfall, sometimes very gently as a small alpine brook, it is a refreshing companion on your hikes through the Valler Tal.

Our natural bathing pond in the chalet village

Swim, splash, sail a boat and even fish: Our Valsegg natural bathing pond is the epitome of summer happiness and everything that goes with it. Here the iridescent dragonflies make their circles, the reeds sway gently in the wind and your heart overflows with bliss. And now? Get out of your clothes and into the cool water!

Fabulous wild lake

It is almost 50 metres deep and unbelievably magical: the beauty of the Wild Lake in the Pfunderer mountains cannot be surpassed. For sporty people, a hike there is almost a must during a Valsegg holiday. The starting point is the photogenic alpine village on the Fane-Alm. The Wilde See is so special that we have dedicated a whole blog story to it, which you can read here.


The greatest wonders reveal themselves in small things. We love to linger and take a closer look. The world around our holiday chalets in Alto Adige is full of wondrous tales and we are only too happy to share them with you.


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