About Jana, planting trees and the joy of travelling

She is a real multi-talent, our Jana. We are delighted that our persuasion finally bore fruit and that she agreed to a short interview. Because the question keeps coming up: Who is the friendly lady on the phone? Who is so competent to help me with my holiday planning? A good opportunity to put Jana in the spotlight.

To the interview

Hello Jana, would you like to introduce yourself?

Of course! I'm 30 years young and live in Issing. I grew up in Pfunders. I like people, love my family and my home. But I also love travelling. After graduating from commercial high school, I lived in Florence for a while and was able to improve my language skills. After an internship in a bank, I moved into the hospitality industry and finally came here to Valsegg.


What are your tasks at Valsegg?

I'm what you would probably call a "tuttofare" in Italian, in German you could probably say "Mädchen für alles". Basically, I'm the right hand of the host family Lanz, I'm there for our guests at reception, on the phone, by email or on social media. I'm also very happy to take over the bar service until our drinks professional Max is on duty.


What job would you have if you hadn't become a hostess?

I would probably have ended up in marketing. I'm pleased that I can do a bit of that here at the Valsegg.


What makes Valsegg different from other holiday destinations?

For one thing, you simply realise that there is a family at work here, it's very personal and warm. The great atmosphere in the team is hopefully also noticeable as a guest. And secondly, the place and the location are simply unique, the beautiful building structure and the valuable natural materials radiate so much cosiness and tranquillity.


What makes your heart beat faster? And what gets you on the edge of your seat?

Nothing really upsets me that quickly, but I don't really like impatience or constant nagging. When I'm out in the mountains with my favourite people, it makes my heart beat faster, and of course it's also great to plan a trip together.


Good keyword: What can Valsegg guests look forward to in the coming weeks?

Where do I start? The best place to start is with sunshine skiing. It's the start of a wonderful time on the slopes, and I'm already envious of our guests from time to time! And then it's almost seamlessly transformed into the blossoming splendour of spring. There's hardly a better time to welcome the new season than during cosy hikes, our alpine wellness and the culinary highlights in the Eggile. I think you should definitely treat yourself to the "all-round feel-good package" at Valsegg in spring! And then, of course, there's our legendary tree planting in May and June.


Tell us more about tree planting, please!

With pleasure! Senior boss Sepp and boss Gregor are passionate wood farmers and forest keepers. For every tree that is "harvested" in the forest, the two of them plant a few new ones. The guests noticed this and were keen to get involved. Since then, we've all been doing it together at Valsegg. It has even become a real event: Not only can you learn a lot about the forest, you can even lend a hand and plant your own tree. Some of our guests have been coming back to visit their tree for years and are delighted when it has grown a bit more. I can only recommend everyone to come to Valsegg and join in. It's such a wonderful experience!


Our tree campaign is a lasting experience for the whole family and takes place every week in May and June. Participation is free of charge and we would be delighted if you could register with Jana at reception. 


The greatest wonders reveal themselves in small things. We love to linger and take a closer look. The world around our holiday chalets in Alto Adige is full of wondrous tales and we are only too happy to share them with you.


Honest. Unvarnished. And full of real experiences. Read what other guests have to say about Valsegg here.

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