Regional products: a must-try during your holiday in South Tyrol!

Zero-kilometre fruit and hand-picked herbs. Home-baked sweet sins and hearty traditional delicacies from the smokehouse. We at Valsegg love our food and are only too happy to share it with you. You can see this for yourself in our gourmet restaurant Eggile and in our Gourmet Corner. Take a slice. Let it melt in your mouth. But enough with the puns, after all, you're here to eat. And so that you know what we make ourselves here at 1,300 metres above sea level, we have written it down for you.


Our quality products

Valsegg apple juice

In October, the old apple trees keep us pretty busy. They want to be freed of their fruit. These in turn require a lot of manual work and care. The result is a true drink of the gods. It is not for nothing that our apple juice is one of the most popular gifts for loved ones at home.

Syrups and jams from grandma's recipes

So wonderfully sweet and unbelievably fine: Grandma Paula and Magdalena really heat up the cheeky little fruits from their own (and their neighbour's) garden. We think: nothing tastes as much like summer as a jar of sun-ripened berries from the mountains of South Tyrol.

Handpicked dandelion honey

A rare speciality for gourmets! This year our receptionist Jana and our breakfast fairy Eva got up extra early to pick the young dandelion blossoms from the dewy meadow. Then it was our chef Michael's turn and he conjured up a special delicacy from the yellow blossoms according to old tradition.

Herb & Flower Salt from South Tyrol

Always new. Always different. On our joint herb walks, which we undertake once a week in the warm months, we collect wild, valuable greens together. Our herb garden is also a treasure trove of secondary plant substances and wonderful aromas.

Grandma Paula's cakes

The tarts, slices and cakes from Paula's kitchen are a sweet sin that you MUST treat yourself to. Freshly baked for you every day. Add a good cup of coffee and life couldn't be better.

Angus & Hereford cattle from South Tyrol

We know exactly where our meat comes from. Because: we raise our Hereford and Angus cattle ourselves. Unspoilt nature, the rich Valsegg meadows and our respect for animal welfare make the difference on the plate.

Fresh fish from the mountain spring water pond

See for yourself how well our chars are doing. In the crystal-clear mountain water they are in their element. If you like, you can go fishing with Gregor. We will then prepare your catch for you in the restaurant or lend you a charcoal grill to "throw on the grate" yourself.

South Tyrolean Speck

If you want bacon, then this is the way to go! We raise our pigs ourselves on the farm. Their bellies and shoulders are then refined into the finest, traditional South Tyrolean bacon in our own smokehouse.


It sounds strange, but it is THE number 1 foodstuff, which is why our mountain spring water is a must. At Valsegg, all water comes from our own spring in the forest. It is located 200 metres above the chalets. Try a sip! Delicious, isn't it?


The greatest wonders reveal themselves in small things. We love to linger and take a closer look. The world around our holiday chalets in Alto Adige is full of wondrous tales and we are only too happy to share them with you.


Honest. Unvarnished. And full of real experiences. Read what other guests have to say about Valsegg here.

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